Hi Guys,
My website is www.myviolinbff.com and if you look on it, there is an image carousel which doesn't show images to the left and right. I want it to have the 5 images sliding along but as you can see, it doesn't so I'm a bit disappointed.
Does anyone know how to change this? I've chosen the images to slide, not fade but they just aren't :(
Any help would be much appreciated
Thanks everyone

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merlynmac Premium
I see the violinists and so on play on a loop. It goes through all 5 images. If I stop it or manually swipe, the auto play stops but otherwise it's working for me.
mgmalek Premium
Thanks again for replying
I see what you see but on either side of the image is blank space. What I want is that on either side, you can see part of the next image in the sequence
merlynmac Premium
Ahh, you'd have to see if your theme feature or plugin offers that option.

I use Elementor Pro and their media carousel offers what I think you're looking for. Go here https://staging.siterubix.com and scroll to the bottom. I set it up really quick to see if that's what you're talking about...