Oh, boy, I'm lost. I'd like to change the theme or look of my website. Right now it's blue with white background. Since my site is western horse gear I think it should have a more western look with some purple sage too. Do I go to the Background Image Generator in the Dashboard? Was looking around there, but don't want to do too much before I know if I'm on the right track. Thank you for any help and or suggestions.


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Judy-B Premium
Thank you all so much for such fast and informative information. It all helps and I will be working at it and probably have more questions :)
nathaniell Premium Plus
You can change your theme by going to Appearance > Themes and searching for something that fits your style. It will be hard to get something exactly as you want it without getting a custom designer, and I don't suggest you do that at this point.

Some themes allow for color customizations, but many of the free themes don't.

Adding a bacground picture is possible, but just be consious of not making it too "busy" because busy backgrounds can be distracting. Very often, plain is better and easier to read.
AnnieD210 Premium
annie hi just go back and take out what you don't like and in what you like just play with it a little think you
Jaweda2k Premium
In WordPress, go to Appearance > Themes. On that page there is an Add New button at the top. From there you can search through the many different themes available. You can narrow the search down with the options given on just search and comb through them all.
DIGGER12 Premium
Hi, I always save/ back up my site before changing the theme, adding or deleting plugins, doing upgrades... just in case :-)

Go to you sites dashboard... and then hover your mouse on "Appearance", and click "Themes" .... there is a "ADD NEW" button on the top and you can filter through them or just look through them, as premium you have a ton to look at... I would suggest not getting "stuck" looking for the perfect theme, you will most likely be changing as you learn and your site grows. .. also look for a "responsive" theme so that your visitors can see it well on Iphones, Ipads etc....

Hope this helps :-)