I would like to add a product picture from Amazon and other sites, with their text and picture and a link. How do I do that?

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MKearns Premium
Amazon's code gives the copy and paste power you need!
herinnelson Premium
Hi Annie! When you add products with affiliate links, such as Amazon, the link will usually already include a photo of the product. With Amazon Associates, if you look in the upper left corner on Amazon, you will see "Get Link" and it will give you an option to use a text link or a text and image link. You can choose a product, then click the text and image link to get the code and apply it to your site page.

I use the Amazon "Associates Link Builder" plugin. It puts an Amazon search tab on each page you are editing, and you just search a product, click on it, and it automatically creates the link and photo on your page. If you want to do a line of products, you can even click all the products you'd like to add in the line and then click "Add Short Code" to add them on your page.

Either way will work. Hope this helps and I wish you all the best!
See you around!
JBond1 Premium
Hi, as an affiliate for Amazon, you will have access to links/codes.

Once you decide on the product you will copy the code from your amazon back office and then paste it into your website using the text editor. Once you switch back to the visual editor you should be able to see the image. Sometimes the image doesn't show up until after you publish it.

When you have placed your product image, you then copy the link Amazon have given you for the product, then click on the image in your website editor and you will see a link icon in your tool-bar, click that and paste the link into it. Then you write your product review.

After you publish, you will be able to click on the product image and it should take you to the Amazon product buying page.

Alternatively, you can post the link beside the image if you want to.

I hope this makes sense?
AnnieCollyer Premium
Thank you. I am learning here, and follow up please:
I see three codes for product with Amazon...text, text and image and image.
Which code do i copy first? Then place, then which code?
So far when I click on a non-code image, I have not been able to activate the link bar to add a code, and perhaps that is not supposed to be able to be done.
I have had no problem linking within text, and have been rightclicking and saving as an image to have the image on my website...the images are less clear than I would ideally like!
Many thanks!
JBond1 Premium
I think it depends which theme you're using for your website. With the one I'm using, I copy the html code, then on my 'new post page' click 'text' (on the right corner of page next to visual) just paste the code and then click 'visual'. Then I click the image and then click 'link' and post the link. That way you can click the image and go straight to Amazon.

I might not be explaining it very well, if you type the question into the search bar above I think there are tutorials on how to do it.

You're welcome btw : )