One of the pages in my website menu says Buy It Now. What I want is for the person who clicks on that to go directly to an external source (an e-commerce website) and not to a page that says Buy It Now. How do I do that?

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mackiejw Premium
Robert, do you mean clicking the MENU TAB should go directly to the eCommerce site? If so, create menu tab

Appearance> Menu > >LINK and add the URL to the external link
jojoleong Premium
Yes Correct! Mackiejw, have given good answer.!
bazboy247 Premium
I think what you mean is to create a link in the menu itself am I right in saying
If so, go to menus and there you will see 3 boxes


Click the link tab and you will see two boxes

1. URL

Put the URL in the first box i.e the URL you want the link to go to, make sure you leave the http part in

Note- if you want to create a link in your menu that goes nowhere you use this symbol in the URL BOX #

If you want the link to take someone to another site then put the full URL into the URL box

Then in the second box, just put the link text you want i.e what ever you want to call the link, this is the text that will actually show up in the menu

Hope this helps

pianobenjjam Premium
Wow. I did not know about this feature. Thanks!
AngelaHall Premium
If I"m not mistaken you can go to appearance>menus
below pages click on links
enter website in first space then Buy It Now in second space
then add to menu then save
but it won't open in new window.
not sure if this would work in the custom menu:

" target="_blank"
I couldn't get the whole thing to paste here lol
but that's the string that would make it open in new window
dynamite8 Premium
And there you Have it Below
jasontw111 Premium
Go to text only and insert the HTML code of Affiliate link from your affiliate program or what ever ecommerce site you are involved in