I want to see the images on my posts without having someone having to click on the post. Is this possible or do I need a different theme?

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RobSciubba Premium
Thanks Marion! Just what I needed!
MarionBlack Premium
I think what you're looking for is featured images
vk1 Premium
Hey Rob
You should go to a Dashboard, then Posts, All Posts.
After under a post you want to edit click Edit.
Then you will see at the right hand side at the bottom of the screen of the editing post - Featured image section.
See my attachment.
Click "Set featured image" link and then follow the instructions.
You should have your image ready before you start.
RobSciubba Premium
Thank you! Perfect!
MoritzS Premium
It depends on the theme.

Have you added a featured image to all of your posts?
Most themes display an image, if you added a featured image.
RobSciubba Premium
I've added the featured images now. Thanks so much :-)