I am using Google Adsense. For the past few days there has been a notification displayed in my Adsense dashboard which looks like this

My question is: Are there any other Adsense Users that has faced this issue. Did you resolve this. Did you have to install a plugin?

Because of Advertising fraud. Costing millions each year. By having an Ads.txt file it counter acts ad fraudsters, displaying fraudulent ads on your website or something like this I read.

There isn't any walkthroughs at WA, YouTube vids, or top SERP results that has clearly explained how to fix this issue.

Any help with this would be cool. Surely many others will face this eventually.

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magistudios Premium Plus
Hey Benjamin,

You can use the FTP feature of the WA hosting.
This means you can upload the file to your website's server.

Use the WA search bar to find a bunch of FTP training videos.

SmartBoy10 Premium
just came across the same problem.. So waiting for some help on this from Site support..
Triblu Premium
Hey Benjamin,

This has been asked several times over the past few days. Looks like Google has changed something... anyway... what one member commented to another: was that they contacted SiteSupport and their issue was fixed straight away.


Hope you find this helpful.