Hi Everyone,

I think everything is doing well,
I have a question regarding my WordPress theme and page loading speed.
I used the Generatepress Primum theme, But my site has Core Web Vital issues.
I asked

from site support, they mention asking the theme provider of

Generatepresss support. they also tell about no any issues regarding

their theme side.
My questions,

1. Have you experience solving issues of "unused JavaScript", render-blocking, etc.. these come from GP theme or any?

or what is the suggestion to apply to my site change the theme or any

2. what about your suggestion thrive architect solution?

Anyway, I want to increase my ranking by removing Google Core web vitals as well as,

3. I use the site cache method, is that enough to increase cache on the site?

I think most of you have suggestions in this regard, I look forward to your valuable comments.

Following is my page loading speed for mobile



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DeRaj Premium
Use "Asset Clean Up Pro" plugin, that will help to reduced unused JavaScript and Render-Blocking.
richardgb Premium
Hi Sam
A while ago someone here recommended using GTMetrix to check out my site. GTMetrix is very good and provides better feedback on how to fix things.

I pass that idea on because you might find it useful. The free version only lets you monitor one site though. You'd need to register the name of the specific site you're concerned about.

Also, you'll already know that image optimisation is the most important factor for site speed. I am currently trying out a few different plugins. I'll probably stick with Optimole which delivers WebP images (the smallest, fastest, quality images) from whatever is in your image library.
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks you Richard
jghwebbrand Premium
GeneratePress is ranked as one of the fastest themes.

There is only so much you can do. All themes seem to have the same issues.

Rather than spend a lot of time on that, it is key to keep writing unique helpful content. Your success is more dependent upon content.

Are you using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to learn more about your traffic.
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks you.