The contents in one of the blog pages in my website become narrowed and centered. I believe I might have made some mistakes but just can’t figure out where. I would appreciate expert opinion from fellow members to fix it. Thanks.

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Harrysastar2 Premium
Hi Alex, had a look at your site and it looks to me as though you are using the twenty thirteen theme. My advice, for what it's worth, is change it,
Twenty Thirteen is the default theme of WP and should not be edited unless you know how to build a child theme to make some extensive changes, Although you can use a custom css plugin.
You could always ask for help in the community from members who use the Twenty Thirteen theme.
MKearns Premium
Try it with a different theme to test.
geraldkew Premium
What theme are you using?
SJB Premium
You may have simply checked off an option in your dashboard?
RKingsley Premium
Not able to help without more details. First, what have you changed recently? Second, what's the URL? Third, have you added or updated any features like themes or plugins?

Anything else that may have an impact?