Hi folks, i want to creat a training in my website and put a funel to it, and i want to know if there is any training explaining that or a plugin that can help me.

Thank you in advance my dears,

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suzieq Premium
Hi Youness,
David did a tutorial on this in 2017 that show you how to do it all for free: I'm not sure if it's current enough, but you could check it out
To make a funnel you need to be able to make landing pages. Some themes have this feature already in them, so make sure to check yours out.
Otherwise, there are some plugins you can research that will add them to your site.
I'm assuming you already have an email service, so they should have your opt-in forms.
Personally, I use Thrive themes and love them. It's also a plugin but you must purchase it.
There are landing page builders out there like Clickfunnels, but they're pretty pricey and your pages are hosted on their servers.
I prefer to have mine on my site, lol.
Good luck to you,
Thank you so much Szanne, i wish you all the best.
i'm following you now.

Best Regards,