I would like more of my content to show on all my pages when someone lands on my site. Instead I have a header that is quite large (thinking about getting a custom one from Fiverr) and then eliminate the space above my header.

Is anyone know how to do this. You can see what I'm talking about on my site right here http://learntogrowwealthonline.com/

Also, any feedback on the site appearance is appreciated. This was the cleanest look for a free theme that I could find. But I could buy a them like Jay Jaaxy recommends.

Thanks for any help gang.



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tmaltz Premium
Thanks everyone for the feedback. Yeah, I was looking for feedback (thank you all so much) as well as knowing how to do the CSS work to shrink the size between the top of the header to the top of the page. It's just wasted grey space. I can play with the background color and get a fiverr header, that would look cool.

Plus I want to have the catch phrase as Forget the 9-5, Learn to Grow Wealth Online.

Anyways, thanks wonderful WA's for your help. Always appreciated.

Have a wonderful weekend,
CarlaIves Premium
I think the site looks good, but the colors are a little bland. If you want to go without a header, that would be fine, too. Maybe commission one from Fiverr. You'll only blow $5 for it. Good Luck!
goodsuccess Premium
It may have something to do with your theme. You possibly might have to do some css modifications. You could make the header smaller but it has to accomodate the theme demensions.

Maybe...have no header graphic at all? Just the menu and your brand site name or byline?
SoupGypsy Premium
Your site looks GREAT. I'm guessing you've made some fixes. Now it's just a matter of getting them in. Best of luck.
kholmes Premium
Yes, you just select remove header image. Then you can put what you want there. I designed my header with cooltext.com, its effective for now. You can make it any size you like and add text as well.
MisterWailor Premium
Hi Todd,
Your header is not too big, but not attractive. If you want you can just hide it, go and get one from Fiverr or make one yourself.
It is not difficult, just use Window's Paint program and a bit of imagination. You can look at the headers of my websites, I make them myself.
You description of your self, you should say, I am a full time online marketer - as first person. You are introducing yourself.
You have done a very good job with your website. Keep up the good work.