Not that I'm complaining but I just wondered how I am getting site feedback on my websites when I have not requested it and I am not being charged community credit points?

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sheikave Premium
You are not the first one there are many times it happened to me.
MKearns Premium
Random thoughts can be sparked based on your content
PatsyC Premium
That happened to me once and I think it's just random from members not using SiteFeedback, but hoping to get feedback back from us.
KTurman1 Premium
In the 9 months that I have been at WA, I have experienced this as well. The first time, I thought it was a glitch or that possibly I had requested it awhile back and forgot about it. But the last time actually happened following a stay in the hospital of almost 3 weeks and I knew that I had not requested any feedback in months, So when I messaged the 2 individuals back to thank them, I mentioned how surprised I had been -- one told me that he goes through periodically and gives feedback! Pay it forward!!
DEversley Premium
I am sure it will be sorted out Darren.
There are some updates etc going on...probably a glitch somewhere.
Let Site Support know so they can log it.
Enjoy it:)