So I've got a child theme installed, but not sure if it's set up correctly.

I've gone through the training's here and with My Theme Shop's support, but don't want to do something wrong and bust my site.

I was wondering if there's an WA'ers out there that are good with this that would want to help me out via skype so that I can learn how to do this myself.

I of course would pay for the help.

The theme is Architect from My Theme Shop. I just need someone to walk me through this without losing my styling and improve my understanding of this task that haunts me.



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Cathy Ling Premium
Hi Todd, I don't use My Theme Shop but when I used Genesis child theme, I created another free SiteRubix website to test things out before doing the actual styling on my original site.
tmaltz Premium
Thanks Cathy, that's good advice. I would like to eventually switch over to Genesis, I just don't have the time to put into setting up the site at the moment, but love the themes. Good to hear from you and I'll have to go check out your site sometime soon. I love to see how it's going.

Thanks, Todd