Hey guys,

Just thought I'd mention this as it can be extremely annoying if and when it happens.

Now if members are creating their content in SiteRubix then this won't apply, but if you are like me who likes to go straight into WordPress then don't be caught out.

Mind you I haven't upgraded my version of WordPress and tend not to until any bugs are ironed out so maybe this is a bug that they have sorted.

I have been meaning to mention this but obviously forgotten about it.

When you are creating a new post and you are using a template always save it first before adding any content.

Why you may ask and this doesn't happen all the time.

On 2 occasions I have just gone in and created content and then tried to save the post.

On those 2 occasions when I tried to save the post WordPress very nicely deleted all my content.

Now if you have only just started then it wouldn't really matter much but if you have been writing for a while then you can see where I am coming from.

This has only happened the first time I created the post.

The lesson I guess here is to save your work often.



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Triblu Premium
Hey Mick,

It is never a good idea to ignore WordPress updates, as that is how a website slowly becomes easier for hackers to gain access.

DO always BACKUP your website BEFORE updating so you will have the opportunity to easily restore your website should anything go wrong with an update.

Having said all of that... you can use a cloning plugin to protect your original template. The 1st screen print below shows you the plugin I have chosen to use.

Dating my template for YEARS in the future, keeps it at the TOP of my posts, ready for me to create a clone whenever it is necessary. See 2nd screen print below...

When I click on Clone, I then need to scroll down to find the clone as it will be dated for today.

Hope you find this helpful.
wozzy Premium
Thanks for the information Trish
JeffreyBrown Premium
This is some very sage advice, Mick!

emarla Premium
Thanks Wozzy. Great reminder.
JohnDenekar Premium
Nope, never had a problem always saved before publishing. Just made sense for me from day one.
wozzy Premium
I am not talking about spending hours creating content prior to publishing John.

When people copy a template for a new post I'd like to bet most don't update the draft straight away and then continue.

That's only if people use WordPress instead of some other medium.

JohnDenekar Premium
I apply the same practice no matter what platform I use to write.
jghwebbrand Premium
We have noticed the same thing. In fact we are so used to it we forget about it until you mentioned it.

We usually create your content in a document saved on our computer first so that we always can go back to it.