I have noticed a discrepancy in the number of pages indexed by Google and the amount of post/pages I actually have.

This is not the normal query of Google not indexing pages ...quite the opposite!

I have around 75 posts/pages and until recently google indexed nearly all of them, the few it didn't had the "no index" flag. So all is good. Recently, however, in the last few days, the number has rocketed to 102!

Now I would love to say that's because I added 30 posts, but I haven't? What could it be? Worried it's some type of malicious activity?

Any Ideas

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Sylvain34 Premium
I’m having the same problem since a few days. I added two posts and they were indexed. Now I can’t found them on Google. What should I do ?
Sylvain34 Premium
Thanks i will have a look at it.
MKearns Premium
Lags are common. There's always the Goggle help desk!
TCUK Premium Plus
it could be due to a number of reasons,
for example a few are listed here

as in some duplicate content on your own site could be indexed increasing number of pages,

could be also due to hacks but It think webmaster tools should be able to detect it and email you (I only remember reading about this somewhere)

if no one can give you more help maybe do a search for things like
Good Index shows more page... and phrases like that
Jasmere Premium
I noticed the same thing tbh