I cant find the section from the video described to place my Google analytics ID. From the video, it says to start from All in one SEO and then to general settings. But once I was there, I did not see a google analytics section where I could paste my ID.

I think the video is outdated and that there have been some changes.

How do I find it?


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BrightSales Premium
Are you using Google Analytics 4? If so, your website may not be compatible to use it yet. In Google Analytics account you might want to switch back to regular G.A. Take your tracking code and paste it into the <Head> of edit theme.
Depending on your theme, it might look different from mine. See if this info can help you b y clicking the link below.

All the best!
Camillamo Premium
Have seen the Webmaster Tools tab under the General Settings (shown as the attached screenshot)?
GlennRivera Premium
I'm sorry but none of the methods have worked

I've tried four different methods and all have failed including the plugin

at no time was the page I was looking at, the same as what was shown to me. I've spent all day trying to find it but with no results.

Does anyone else have this problem?
countrylife Premium
Found this
Please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.
YvonneBray Premium
AbieAJ has provided you with some links. Hope you have it sorted.
GlennRivera Premium
Thank you
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You may also follow step by step on link discussion below