I have a Google Adsense account that I will use to put in my eventual page. I also have pictures And logos I want to add to my websites eventually. Is there a place where this Can be added or stored?

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MJLV Premium
You can certainly add logos, banners, and other information to personalize your website. However, most of these things will be determined by your website's theme. To edit you need to log in to the back end of your website through WA, click then on the appearance tab on the menu on your left, that will take you to the themes menu. Click on the theme that is active on your website and then on customize. This creates a live preview of the changes you can make to your website. Again on your left, you should see a menu where the options will vary from theme to theme, but every theme should have a site identity tab. It might not be named exactly like that, but it is an option that will let you add a logo, a tag line, a site icon, and the like.
For the AdSense thing it is totally possible to make it happen. Google has a plugin that lets you customize where do you want the ads and will also collect data about conversions on your site. With the website that initially is created on WA you can add a google analytics and a google search console account with the all in one SEO plug-in. If you want to add the AddSense account I think you'll need to use google's plugin. It is called google site kit and it is free to use.
I hope this helps you and that it answers some of your questions.
Good luck,
ZayK Premium
I wouldn't have put it any better. Thank you for this comprehensive answer.
2keith4keith Premium
thank you for the your answer and timely response.
MJLV Premium
No problem! I'm glad it helped you.