In the GP Premium seller theme there is a top menu that comes with the theme. When I created my own menu, I ended up with two Contact us pages, along with duplicates of shop etc. I deleted my contact us page thinking I had 2 a WP would know the difference. Then I emptied the trash, so....Now I have no contact us page, which I would like to re-import if I can. But I am not sure if I re-import the theme will I destroy what I already have loaded into the Woocommerce pages. After making this mistake I changed the names of the pother pages before deleting the other duplicates.

The problem was the poages that came with the original premium theme still had preloaded template pictures in them, so they had to go.....but I wish I had not emptied the trash....

So I am wondering if it is possibloe to just re-import the Contact us page. Currently trying to find the answer on GP pages, but thought I wouldf ask here as well in case anyone else has had a similar problem?

Yes I have created another Contact us page, but it is not as nice as what was there before.

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Dhind1 Premium
I re-installed the theme and solved this problem.
Triblu Premium
Hey Alexander,

If you have an old backup file, you could create a SiteRubix website and using the old backup file to "restore" the SiteRubix website.

Then you will be able to simply export and import what ever pages you want: OR, simply copy and paste, whichever you prefer.

This is a great example for WHY it is so important to periodically backup your website.

Hope you find this helpful.
CordeliaN Premium
I really hoped to be able to answer your question, sadly I can’t, aside from the obvious, have you backed up your website recently, if so then it will be on your backup, If not and for future before you delete trash or do any updates it’s wise to backup.

Once this problem been resolved and I’m sure it will, then “backup” 🤗. Could be Site Support will have an answer i if no one here does, but I s sure they will have an answer, a Lot of clever people here

Good luck

accad Premium
Let's learn from the answers.