Firebug is an addon for mozilla firefox. With it, you can access the css. (cascading style sheet), dont worry, dont need to know. and edit the very bottom footer where it says proudly powered by word press with blah theme, question is "is it worth the effort?"

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KatieMac Premium
This is very useful information thank you for sharing
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - Firebug is a Firefox plugin, and also has a Chrome part too.

If you're using Firefox - stick with it - if you use Google Chrome, use Tools -> Developer Tools.

In IE press F12.

All of these give you a great insight into what your page is doing - CSS/HTML wise - and certainly with Chrome, allow you to make changes to see what changing your CSS (etc) may look like on a live site.

So it it worth the effort? IMHO - yes - it tells you which part of the CSS (stylesheets) you have to amend, and will let you see what it will look like before actually changing your live site.

I hope this helps?

All the best, Mark
ChristineRa Premium
If you plan on doing a lot editing, debugging, and monitoring CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any your web pages, it might be worth the effort. If not, I'd probably focus on researching and creating relevant content, and going through the training, if you haven't done so. -Christine