Hello everyone
I am looking for a good newsfeed plugin for the front page of my website. I am wondering if anyone out there has any positive experiences with any word press plugins for newsfeed...more specifically, has anyone heard of a plugin called "Jack Jacker" by Brett Rutecky? All input is greatly appreciated.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Dennis,

These appear to be scrappers... meaning they go to other websites and literally steal other's content to use. If so, this is considered black hat and you can bet Google won't be ranking a website very high... if at all... that steals content from other sites.

The video on Jack Jacker clearly states that his plugin is for those who do not have quality content.

Kyle's training teaches us how to create quality content.

Of course... this is my take on these plugins.

However, do feel free to test out their plugin if you still want to give it a try. If they fail... you will have TWO plugins to offer reviews on!

Hope you find this helpful.
Dennis75 Premium
All of your points are very valid and helpful. Thank you for your help.