If you have lots of revisions of your posts in Wordpress stored up, could that slow things down? And if so, is there a way to delete all but the current one?
Also, I read that you should keep your plugins to no more than 6, for the sake of load speed of your pages. I find I really need all of the plugins I have, but I'm at more like 9.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Craig,

Personally, I discovered that my very LARGE website was super slow to load and that a LOT of unnecessary files NEEDED to be cleaned up.

Now I keep my websites clearer from clutter than ever before, simply because it is easier to fix a few revisions than to have to tend an entire site with ALL issues.

Now I use the Simple Revisions Delete that does NOT weigh down my site's loading time, and I remove all revisions once I've published my posts and/or pages.

Years ago, I created the following tutorial: Hope you find this helpful.
Stragglewise Premium
Helpful indeed! Thanks Trish. I will I will check out your article.
1Rudy1 Premium
Revisions can be removed or limited by using a code snippet, which is placed within the wp.config.php file.

Revisions affect your database, by deleting the revisions, the database will backup more quickly.

Re plugins, it's not the number of installed plugins that could affect the website speed, as it is the type of plugin.

The best plugins are the ones that are regularly updated by the author of the plugjn.

It is easy to be waylaid into thinking that you need any particular plugin by the way it may perform on your website.

Some themes require additional plugins that help the theme to operate.

Hope this helps you.

Stragglewise Premium
Helpful, yes! Thank you, Rudy.
1Rudy1 Premium
Glad that helped....
feigner Premium
the stored revisions are expanding your database, but will have little impact on page load speed as long as you have hte cache enabled ( sitespeed)...
sitespeed will assemble your pages for the fastest transfer of your pages....
well coded plugins will not slow your sitespeed down, badly coded ones will...
so don't worry too much about the number...
there are techniques to help your site speed, but make sure you take all the steps you can first...
make sure image file sizes are small....
make sure you don't go for too many ads on a page ( you have little control over what they put on there)
and then you can add a plugin like autoptimize to combine files and remove spaces to minimize hte sizes and number of calls...
combine that with a3 lazy load and images/videos off screen are deferred, again keeping loading speed down...
and that would be the first line of attack on improving your speed...
it may not be blisteringly fast but it will have improved it...
good luck
Stragglewise Premium
Thank you so much, Phil--that is a jackpot of info! I will do all of that. Much appreciated.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may like review below resources

. You may also opt in to a premium caching plugin if you like

WP Rocket

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Please review Diane's training

Stragglewise Premium
Thank you! Most helpful. It doesn't seem to be a huge issue at this point, but I just want to stay mindful of it, because I could see it being quite detrimental.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
No worries, so very welcome.