Hi guys and gals,

I recently installed Kraken ( although is seemed it hadn't been updated for 6 months) and it didn't make a lot of difference to my site speed. I'm using Generatepress and unloaded Kraken and loaded Lazy Load and some of my mobile speeds improved.

But lots of people here swear by Kraken. Should I be using it as I do use a lot of pictures.

Any suggestions.

Especially if you use Kraken

Lily 🤔

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ExpatMark Premium
Hey Lily. I did not like the fact that Kracken had not been updated in so long, so I went with Smush and it works great. A fellow ambassador and I ran some tests and Smush came out better than Kracken.
The theme we are using and other plugins obviously affect those results.
Jay did tell me when I asked him about the long time since it was updated and he told me that some plugins do not need to be updated as often. He uses Kracken.
Aussiemuso Premium
Oh thanks Mark. I will try out Smush too as it could help. No harm in trying.
I really appreciate your advice.

Lily 😊
YanFellow Premium
Hey Lily - One of my sites got upgraded to the new server and kraken but I didn't notice any difference in poage speed because of kraken OR the new server but the page speed ratings aren't consistent so I think it's very diff to judge. You can only use them as an average at best. To prove this - test the page speed of a page every 30-60 secs and then a few hours later. Chances are many readings will vary considerably.

I used to optimise with editing software (PhotoScape) and Tinyjpg so my images were probably as small as they could be anyway. Doing a couple of check,s I could get a smaller file size with Tinyjpg than kraken but these things vary enormously depending on the image.

I think kraken does a good job if you don;t want to compress manually but I also think you'll be able to shave off a few more Kb tailoring the image yourself. How much diff that will make to speed, I've no idea but I work on the basis that every little helps :-)

Aussiemuso Premium
Thanks Ian, excellent advice. I can see that Shortpixel compresses my photos well. (Picture me shaking my head lol)
It seems to vary a lot.
Lily 😊
YanFellow Premium

Ok, bottom line advice - for most images I'd defo do one round of external optimisation then hand it over to kraken. It may or may not reduce the size further but you've had a good stab at it anyway.

Just what I do.
sgregcrx Premium
The Kraken Plugin does not do ANYTHING Dynamically!

It is not meant to.

It is an image compression tool. When you upload images it compresses them down so they are smaller and will load faster.

There is also a tool for going back through your site and compressing existing images to the new Kraken Compression tool

Doing this will show the original file size and the NEW compressed size.

This can have a BIG effect on site speed and load times but it will not show dynamically. As the image is either compressed or not. Enabling and Disabling the plugin will not affect site speed, only the image size is effected.

Disabling the plugin will not Decompress the image. It is a one-shot thing.

It is still a good idea to use Lazy Load, as even small compressed images take time to load and slow the Site speed down. Lazy Load IS dynamic and only load the images you need until you start scrolling.

Hope that helps


To access the Image optimization feature for existing images:

In Wordpress. Click Media on the lefthand menu.

Ensure the Library is in list view, not tile.

Alongside your image and details should be the Kraken.IO Stats showing how much each file has been reduced. On old images, you can start the compression from here.

It's a bit of a pain on old sites with 1000's of images like mine!!!

But I used to use Tinypng anyway so most of my images are compressed and Kraken is simply doing a slightly better job and eliminating a step. ( I used to have to compress manually through Tinypng)
Aussiemuso Premium
Terrific information. I went back to Shortpixel. My list said it had compressed photos and by how much.

Lily 😊
LenkaSophie Premium
This is awesome, thanks for that! I found out I had some unoptimized images in the library but I would never have known as I didn't know I could view them as a list.
Thank you!
ariesight Premium
I use Kraken, but I also use Lazy Load and I optimise my images a lot. I didn't see any difference on my site based on Google Pagespeed Insights, but the speed was very high already.

What I noticed, though, in another site of mine, was that I had a problem with EWWW. I don't remember exactly, something about a function that wasn't secure. Anyway, I contacted Sitesupport and they installed Kraken. So it does have some benefits.

To be honest, I mostly just trust that people in Wealthy Affiliate know more than I do and since they recommend Kraken, that's what I have. :)
Aussiemuso Premium
Thanks for your insights. I haven't ever asked Site Support for help about my mobile speed issues. Maybe I should.

Lily 😊
greensail Premium
In most niches you only use 4 or 5 photos in a post.
Actually all you really need is one, according to research I have seen.
But in the music niche I imagine it is a lot tougher, your probably combining photos and videos.

I had an older site with an SKT theme using Kraken, it was photo rich, no problems there.

I am thinking you might have to try a different strategy, because plugins aren't going to cut it.

Probably have your photos in your media folder and just link to them in your post.
I think Generate press supports e-commerce, these are normally photo rich.

I am not sure, see what other answers you get.

Aussiemuso Premium
Thanks Micheal, I usually do have photos and video. Although, I do try to limit them. My theme could be stopping me.

Lily 😊