I hope everyone doing fine and healthy during these difficult times. I myself as a physician have difficult times and I had to even stop working on my websites and I wish I have more time for myself.

I was just checking my Amazon associate account. I noticed that I sent 97 click and only 7 converted to sale with 7.45% conversion rate. Are these numbers good for a new website with few posts? (since I can't have more time for it these days).

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Nqueen Premium
I believe it is okay following the circumstances
j52powell Premium
I've had my website for almost 2 years and have a conversion rate of 3.17% so far in 2020. My niche is scuba diving and water sports.
anjumshahlla Premium
If this is a start then it is very good. It might increase with time.
MikeKurtis Premium
You are doing good my brother 👍. I've literally paused my PPC campaigns because nobody is buying what I am selling online.

My typical conversation raie is much higher but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you are converting.