I was just about to do some edits to my website when Word Press prompted me to do a number of updates to my Word Press page. But it also said to ensure I had done a "back up" of my site and recommended some plugins for back ups.

Is it necessary to install an additional plug in for back ups? I had assumed that the "All in One SEO and other routine plug ins WA recommend would cover this. Or that WA have their own back up procedures to protect our sites.

Grateful if more experienced members of WA could guide me on this please.

Best Regards,


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JrzyGrlBJ Premium
I didn't use one, updated the WP version and that was it. Everything looks ok with both my sites now, but if I run into any problems later I will install the plugin of just import my exported downloads.
cramervod Premium
Yes, I use updraft plus and do daily backups.

WA's system keeps one backup from the present day so if anything corrupts your site and a couple of days go by that you didn't notice, you won't have a backup to use.
chowie Premium
Happy Hump day Tj!

When you go to the WA Site Manager area, you'll notice that any of your websites that you host via Wealthy Affiliate are automatically backed-up daily. So, for any of your WA hosted sites, you really don't need any other backup means via plugin, etc. However...

Some of the WordPress expert "Techies" might disagree with me, so I'm interested to see how they respond to your question.


Triblu Premium
Hey Charles,

It is never a wise idea to rely on auto-backups as many times they will miss new posts, pages, changes you make, and even images.

When you backup your website BEFORE each update, you save any chance of losing ANY information you have worked to add to your website.

Not only that but SOMETIMES hosting server auto-updates fail and are not noticed until you need them.
chowie Premium
Thank you very much for sharing your experience-based insight Trish!
BenjisDad Premium Plus
WA does back up your site automatically everyday. BUT that said, sometimes it will give you peace of mind to just get a plugin and do it yuorself
Triblu Premium
Hey Trevor,

Because of needing to backup all of the sites that I tend to, on a regular basis, I keep the same backup plugin installed.

The one I prefer is: And here is a great backup plugin for smaller websites: as it is my understanding that the developer has updated this one for use once again.

It is always recommended that we take regular backups using FTP access: so, should a plugin ever fail when updating, you would be able to easily restore it with the previous version.

Hope you find this helpful.