It is for advanced users not us rookies. It can take months to build a site when your learning this complicated platform.. I have built 3 sites on other platforms that were 1/10 as difficult. Can they be used instead of Word Press?

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Elef Premium
Hi, I believe that if you host your website at WA it has to be in Wordpress... I would suggest that you give it a chance, it is an easy to use platform with great themes.
TheCatherine Premium
WP is used because its the easiest platform to rank and we were all newbies when we started we all learned
feigner Premium
not that i know of - this platform uses wordpress as the cms
what is the problem with wordpress?
it is easy to create content - either in sitecontent or on your site.
and customizing your site can be a bit of a pain with the themes but at the start concentrating on your content creation would be better.
and you have siterubix sites to try out ideas on. like using sitebuilders like elementor to create the site you would like - the templats can be exported out of one site and imported into another - so you can style your site 'offline'
good luck with your adventure
apache1 Premium
WordPress is the platform used here it is not difficult if you follow all the training as given you will pick it up quickly.

And yes it can take time to build a solid foundation on your website just like any business online and offline.

Remember this is your business it can't be built overnight properly.

Wishing you well