Hi All,
can you tell me if i need support to fix these issues please?
Or could it be my theme Which is Omega.
Security Issue : Back ground updates are not working as expected.
Your site is running an older version of PHP.
A scheduled event has failed

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keishalina Premium
hi Lisa,

good questions .... php is run off the servers here, what version have you got your site on? ... the latest version is 7.3.9 is what it was last time i checked ....

so yes, suggest put in a service request .... and include the exact url, title/name of affected site, a helpful screenshot of the problem, and the specific particulars would go a long way to help Site Support help you resolve as promptly as possible ...

all the best ... :)
Selenityjade Premium
Site Support is always available for random technical issues that go over our heads, so yes.
earlofpearl Premium
Don't forget, not every theme works well with WP, make sure its the latest version, they tell us here to use GenerationPress and that works well.
But if you continue to use what you have, you will definitely have to check support for the PHP. Update manually If its giving problems on auto if you have it set on that.
Still check support for further support. lol
JohnDenekar Premium
Looks like Jeff has you covered. Have a great day.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I would put a ticket in with Site Support!