Can someone tell me what/where to do?
How to locate GooglePhotos from WP site?
(thanks in advance for reading below)

Loving my WP website/blog with WA hosting. Up to 5 pages I think.. Doing about 3 blogs a week.. updating photo gallery almost daily.
The WA videos was a nice refreshers course.
When on my WP site I go to 'Select Images' or whatever, go to my files .. . ..
and I just can not seem to locate GooglePhotos (there are like 13,000 on it now I think).

It's frustrating because I have access to many photos but as hundreds more flow in every few days and save to GooglePhotos (Android to Dell PC) .
And... I don't know if I have a separate issue..
I obtain images on my Android (LG Stylo 6) 2 ways:
1) from photos I take
2) screenshots
When I upload them to my Dell, they are essentially uploading from 2 folders - as screenshots are automatically saved in "screenshots".
They are saving in different files on my PC...
Help appreciated.. but also thanks for reading the whole thing

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jghwebbrand Premium
If they are on your Dell computer and you load them to WP can you add new by "dragging and dropping" or selecting then from your folder location on PC?
tomheather78 Premium
Right right...
It's an issue of the WP site not "locating" the 'Google.Photos'
I have over 100 images on the site already. It's just this particular software.
Tysm for the response!
Hope you guys are doing great?
jghwebbrand Premium
We are thank you for asking.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

That's the website

You need be logged in to Google to access.

When you take photos, it automatically upload them to your google photos.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Google has uncoupled Google Photos from Google Drive (PC), and the two Google storage services no longer automatically keep their photos in sync..

You may want to view below resource
tomheather78 Premium
Thks AbieAJ I'll check that out :)
AbieAJ Premium Plus
So very welcome.