Hey all!

UPDATE 7-24-19

I have used the Post Type Switcher plugin a few times now.

  • It works great.
  • It has been recently updated
  • It is compatible with our current version of WordPress.
  • You can install, activate, use, and deactivate until you need again.

If you ever need to swith a page to a post or vice versa, this is a super easy way to do so.

Original Post (from April 2019):

I'm familiar with the plugin Post Type Switcher, which is awesome.

HowEVvvvvveeeerrr, it hasn't been updated in over a year, and it now says hasn't been tested with newer versions of WP.

Anyone use it recently? Is it still the go-to?
Anyone know of another option / method? I don't see another plugin option.
Copy/paste I guess? (if no comments are posted)

Interested to see what you're doing!



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FKelso Premium
I used it quite recently on my new website, and it worked.
cris1018 Premium
Thank you, Fran. Exactly the answer I was looking for. I appreciate it!
merlynmac Premium
I don't use it....I ended up going into SiteContent, making the published page/post into a template and then using that template to repost it as the correct type. A little convoluted but let's me keep the pretty colored G when I'm indexed and such.

Once I'm done, I delete the incorrect page or post and the associated SiteContent item and template.
cris1018 Premium
Ahhhh, okay. Thanks, Scott!
merlynmac Premium
Any time!