I'm adding a featured image on a post that requires a credit.I know how to add it for a page image but can't find how to do it for the featured image.Help please.

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nathaniell Premium Plus
I just make sure I give credit in the post itself. There's no way to add a link to the featured image section without customizing your code. You can just say "featured image credit" and link appropriately to give the person credit.
BruceS Premium
Thanks Nathanielle,
Thats a good way to solve my problem
OldMCSEGuy Premium
On the right hand side in many thEmes on the pages page about halfway down is a field that says add featured image. put your image there from your gallery.
BruceS Premium
Thanks, I can do that but I want to hide the image credit source so it only appears when the mouse hovers on the image.With page images you can click on the picture and add it but not with featured image posts.