Excel charts on Website.

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judebanks Premium
You can do this by creating a free account at Google Docs, uploading it there, then copying and pasting the embed code into your blog. You can read more at the link below. It has a good explanation of what to do:

hart48 Premium
Thank you. For now I am using an image until I get time to go at it again.
betcha Premium
I'm not sure what you mean. But what you can do is attach your excel file to your website. I don't remember how I did it. But it becomes a link that opens to your excel file. I believe it's the same way as adding a link. Instead of putting the URL, you put your file name. I was able to put a link to my powerpoint in one of my websites. I hope this makes sense.
tommydillard Premium
If I am not mistaken I think you can only do it as an image unless someone knows any different please help