Hi. I've just begun using one of my free siterubix sites again and received this notice on my dashboard right below the Posts tab. It's called "Configure Google Account" and when I click on it I get the following message: "Configure google account, you need to create Client ID & Client secret from the API section 'Google API Console' also use authorization redirecting url" Does anyone have any idea what this means? When I click on the Google link it shows "API Project Backup". Is this something I need to worry about or just delete it? Of note, recent posts are showng on my website but cannot be accessed by copying the post url into Google or Yahoo. Previous post url's are working fine. Did I break something again :( Thanks
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caylynn Premium
When I applied G analytics to my site, G automatically associated my site with my domain name. Also got a notice of over usage. How could that be with one site, but when I logged back in, the site and my domain name are under all sites in my G+ account. Am still reading through this:
http://support.google.com and https://developers.google.com/google-apps/admin-apis
Hope this helps. ^_~2230/6/16
Rick Jantz Premium
I actually want to redirect my siterubix to a .com domain but I'm not sure if I should deal with this first.
DoubleTap Premium
Hey Rick, I used a 301 Redirect Plugin and it worked awesome, I just can't remember which one it was. When I deleted my siterubix site it went with it, but I think either Labman or Domw turned me on to it. Ya' might want to check with them when you get ready to redirect!
jghwebbrand Premium

I do not know what your issue is, however, I have found the following on Google and have provided a URL for you to copy into your browser and read.


Good luck!
DoubleTap Premium
Sorry Rick, I did the same thing as Tommy.
tommydillard Premium
Sorry can not help you there I deleted my siterubix sites when I went premium. But I am sure someone here can help you out. Good luck