I have a few issues that I can not seem to get resolved, even with peers and forums. All suggest it is a host issue, hopefully, you can assist me. I am having problems with WP. My site and store imply that it's live and pages are published, but it is not consistent in how I can view it. As a customer, it shows my page but not my header image, even though it indicates it is published. Also, at the top of my dashboard the *VISIT MY SITE* takes me to the WA login page where it says "Great News! The hosting for this domain is all set up and ready to install an awesome website!
Login and build your website in just a few clicks!
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Anytime I try to access my site from any link thru WA or WP in my dashboard I get kicked out to that "home/log in WA page". For example: when I click on “VISIT SITE” from the >dashboard, or >pages >shop (front page, shop page) >(toolbar) view. It happens when I do several functions that would take me to the home, static/landing, or site page.
But my site is visible from a 3rd party, so clearly it is live.
I can only get to my site thru the VISIT STORE link on the dashboard or thru the products.

Second, from my menu bar on my website if I click Home then it also kicks me out to the WA page too, right back to the WA build your login in page again.
It won’t let me access it. It seems like it doesn’t like that it is a STATIC page.
But it is a shop, a store, so I need a static page otherwise it will display the posts on the front of my store and I can’t have that!
I have checked all the steps for my static page set up, thru customize>homepage settings, and also on the dashboard>settings>reading>homepage>static

I just can't get my HOME/LANDING page to go "live" or be connected thru any of the dashboards...incredibly frustrating and discouraging...and no one can seem to help

And yes, I am a Premium member so it should be live from that link (and is to 3rd parties, just not to my access).

I just discovered...I can view my website in the links on my dashboard thru Google but not in Microsoft Edge. I am baffled.

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Sorry, but this isn’t helpful. My issue has been going on the whole time I’ve been trying to build by website. It’s not something that may reset in an hour or day...or even weeks. I’ve tried many solutions and tried reaching out to several boards, communities, posts, and tickets. Trying later isn’t the answer...I need a real solution for my site. Perhaps you are trying to be funny? However, that doesn’t help my frustration in not making the necessary progress. Can you offer a solution or suggestions to why my page won’t load beyond it’s an obvious error?
Thank you for your time.