Does anyone know how to make posts not appear on multiple pages? For example: I have a few posts that appear on my home page. I want to have a blog page where I write about different topics and I tried using Categories, but when I select the category I called "Blogs" for that particular post, the post still shows up on my home page as well and I ONLY want it on my Blogs page. I clearly only have the boxed checked for "Blogs" under the category setting for posts. Help!

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MoritzS Premium
this does not count as duplicate, as it's still only one post. (You didn't create the same content on two different posts/pages.)
I would, however, use exerpts instead of showing the full posts on your homepage or anywhere else.
I only show my full post when they actually go to that post.

If you don't want to have blogs on your front page, you need to change it to a static front page, which doesn't show blogs.
seelady Premium
Thanks for the tip. I still can't get it to work. I changed my front page to a static page and my "Home" or blog page then had the same info on it and there was no page with my blog stuff. There has to be a simpler way to have certain posts only show on one page.
MoritzS Premium
This could be different in your theme, but when you go to "Settings -> Reading" you can choose which page you want to have as your front page.
Of course you have to create a nice site first that will welcome your visitors and give them a general idea what you site is about.

Under "Settings -> Reading" you can also choose where your blog roll will apear.
Just create a new page and call it "My blog" (or something like that) and then choose it as your "post page".

I don't know if there is another way to exclude posts from the general blog roll.
The only way I see would be to not have a general blog roll and only use categories you organize with the help of your menu.

I hope that makes sense.
I can give you an example on a test site of mine, but this would have to wait as I don't have time for that right now.
seelady Premium
Thank you so much for taking the time to go over this. I'm going to try it again tomorrow. I did not set the "post page" so that's probably why it had the same info as the welcome page. I might be able to make that work. Cheers!
MoritzS Premium
Hey, no problem at all.
I actually had a few minutes time now to create a testpage to give you an idea what it could look like.
It's most likely another theme, but this should be possible with most themes.

I didn't put any real content on the site of course.

My front page is a static front page.
For that I created a new page and set it to static front page.

Then I made 3 categories and for each category 1 post.
As you can see when you go to each category only one of the posts shows up.

Lastly I made another page with a blog roll where all the posts are shown.
You might not need or want this kind of blog roll, then you just create one.
(I made it for this example, so that you can see that the posts can be put together on one page, if wanted.)
If you want a blog roll like this, you need to create another page and set this one as your posts page.

If you're still struggeling with it, you can tell me which theme you are using and I try it with your theme.
It might be a bit different in your theme.

seelady Premium
Thanks, that was very helpful and you explained it perfectly!
MoritzS Premium
You're welcome. :)