Today I noticed SEO stuff in the dashboard of all my sites was not filled out. It is hard to explain so in my first comment below I will post a screenshot today I noticed SEO stuff in the dashboard of all my sites was not filled out. of what I am referring to. I do not remember finding any WA training on filling out this SEO.

The second attachment is what I did fill out based on this training: .

But my first attachment is a different spot in the dashboard showing SEO stuff not filled out. I wondering what people's advice is about it. If it matters if its filled in.

It is hard to explain so just look at the two attachments to help understand what I'm referring to.

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otikoroASH Premium
There is not the ability to attach screenshots to your initial question so here they are here.

The first screenshot is what I'm referring to.

The second screenshot is what I DID fill in. (based on the WA video training mentioned above)

Any advice on this should help.
derekmarshal Premium

Bottom image, your All in one plugin scroll to the vert bottom box "Keyword Settings"

Click enabled.

Then save settings then go to your blog posts - at the bottom of the post you should see the area to enter keywords for every individual post.
otikoroASH Premium
looks like I already do have it enabled....(first screenshot)

So I will try to do your second step now... the second screenshot ... am I doing it right, I just fill in these boxes?
Triblu Premium
Hey Ashley,

When you complete the textbox fields that are displayed below each post and/or page (see 1st screen print below...) then you will notice 2 of the fields completed...

If you feel it important to add the SEO Keywords too... then check out the 2nd and 3rd screen prints below to see how you can easily do that too.

Hope you find this helpful.
otikoroASH Premium
OKay, I get it now, I never filled the SEO in at the end of all my blogs, I understand what it does not with helping Google describe your webpage. thank you very much for helping me understand that it is good to fill it in at the end of your blog posts!