WIll my wordpress website support youtube videos? Or is there another plug-in used to upload media like that?

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LatinNomad Premium
As others have said, yes you can. But a word of caution, there is a second box you need to click when "embedding" the code from Utube or you can run into difficulties with the site being accessed in EU Countries. There is training here on WA - look in the "need help box".

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EdwinBernard Premium
If a YouTube video owner allows sharing, just click Share below their video and you will see a new URL appear that you can copy and paste. In this way you can share videos on your website.

You can take it a bit further by creating a graphic about that video (A screenshot from it) and embedding this URL within that pic.

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AbieAJ Premium
feigner Premium
i would tend to go for lazy load videos - where you place an image and link to the video
thi way you don't get hit with the penalty of the loading speed of the yt player - it is about 1mb - and on mobile it really slows your sitespeed down
if they are your vids on your channel then send them over to that or have a popup video player and lazyload for videos...
YumaBloggers Premium
Yes, you can use the video inserter in either classic editor or the new block editor called Gutenberg inside your WordPress back office.