Wordpress allows others to create their own blog. When someone publish their post, it can be seen under the "Reader" Tab. This means the wordpress community can see it if it is part of the latest posts. Thus, it can be a way for us to get more views and subscribers here.

Hence, I am wondering if the wordpress blog here in WA work in the same way, whereby once published, it can be seen in Google Search Engine and the wordpress "Reader" Tab?

If not, is there a way for us to make our post seen by the community in the wordpress?

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CathyOliver9 Premium
Yes, I agree with what Mark wrote.

TMalinga1 Premium
Yes it can be seen by the community
Mark K Premium
Blog posts here in WA can be seen by the public and will be indexed by Google. Its one way to get referrals for WA :)
WaMagic Premium
Hi Mark, great tips! Thanks!