So I blogged directly on my web page and not through the site manager. Can I migrate it back to the writing platform and not lose my time stamps, showing the progress?

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littlemama Premium
Hi James, you can do what the others suggest below, but this is NOT necessary, you don't have to run everything through Site Content, in fact, I don't use it much myself.

Just start writing in Site Content going forward.
ChrystopherJ Premium
Copy & Paste is the only method, but don’t worry about getting previous content in, if you just want it for tracking purposes and focus on doing new content via that method.

If you really do want to, then you will need to delete the current post in WordPress before publishing it back from SiteContent. You can also edit the post in WordPress to change the published date, so make a note of this date before you delete the content.
5thDimension Premium
You can copy, paste it into site content and republish. Perhaps someone else knows a better way, but that is one method.