Hi everyone

I am trying to install "Google Meets/Google Suite" and I had to use a website. I chose to use my niche website here at WA.

However they (Google) want to verify that I own the wesite and this is what they askd me to do:

Let's add your verification codes
To verify that you own diabetessolace.com, follow the instructions to add a TXT record to your domain settings.

A TXT record is just a value that Google looks for to confirm that you own diabetessolace.com. Don't worry, adding this won't affect your current email or website.


Not being tech savvy I decided to put it to my fellow WA menbers to help me out. Then and only then will I be able to use Google Suite.

Please help

Aubrey Schultz

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LMH1968 Premium
Great question and great answers
JeffreyBrown Premium
Good things to know, Aubrey!

kdennis8 Premium
When you have difficult issues like this the best repond would be to reach out to support
ASchultz1 Premium
Thank you. I have done so.
RikaSF Premium
Yes, I actually did it last week. Just ask support to add the txt file to your DNS.
ASchultz1 Premium
Thank you I have done so
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, please submit a ticket to site support


They'll be happy to do it for you.
ASchultz1 Premium
Thank you