The themes offered for website design selection? The best content of those for website design?

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Kyle Premium
You can change your theme at any time within your WP-admin:

Appearance => Themes

There are over 2,400 to choose from there and you will also be able to upload your own from there.

Simply do a search there (the search is pretty good) and you will be able to find a theme/look that you are seeking.

I have created some training on how to do this that you should check out:

As for the look, I always recommend choosing a theme that is simple in respect to design. Black content on white background and lots of whitespace.

It is your content that converts, so choose something that looks current, but also avoid a theme with too many bells and whistles. It will only lead to frustration and you investing too much time on things that really don't matter.
Christabelle Premium
Thank you! When I go into the themes and read the details it is my lack of knowledge that leads to me questioning what features will be the most advantageous and which are not all that necessary.Thank you again for the information you have given me here.