I'm the sort who dives into the deep end immediately, even if my swimming skills are rudimentary. I've worked with HTML, Javascript and a tiny bit of CSS, so I've managed to toss together early versions of my first three WP websites. I know there's training, but I'm looking for a reference book that I can just grab to find information fast when I'm actually working on something. Any recommendations?

To give you an idea of the sort of thing I want to do, here's one of my sites: www.dogswearingclothes.com

I only have the initial post out there, and I was able to remove the social links and search from the top nav bar by going into the code, but I'd like to get rid of that top bar completely and insert social media links elsewhere. I'd also like to know more about putting in elements like graphics, logos, etc. in various places. Any quick and dirty book recommendations would be most appreciated.

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TJ Books Premium
You can buy a used WP book at Amazon such as WP for Dummies. I bought it and my son took it from me but I really don't need it. I just do what Carson said. John
parkwriter Premium
Thanks, Carson. I haven't looked much at Google yet because I'm a tinkerer at heart and know just enough about CSS to be dangerous.
Ithamar Premium
I sent you a PM to answer your question in detail.
Carson Premium
Hi Barb,

Google is going to be your best bet for finding out how to code in HTML or CSS. That said, to build your website here at WA using Wordpress you need little to no experience with CSS or HTML. You can use the visual editor within WordPress to get your site looking great.

Google is your best reference as there is an abundance of resources available that will teach you everything you need to know.