Wordpress keeps deleting the photos off of my site. Has anyone else had that problem?

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EmakAmelia Premium
Hi Demetrius,

If you notice that the images have disappeared, the first thing to check should be that everything is up to date: WordPress, plugins, and the active theme. There are cases in which the plugins were updated, but not the platform or theme and vice versa.

If everything is updated on your website, it could be something else. Have you checked your Media Library? Are the pictures still there or did you delete them?
When you delete images from your Media Library there are no longer on your WordPress media library, servers and will NOT be displayed in posts or pages when browsers call for the servers to display them because they no longer exist on the servers. You have to upload them again.

Please let us know if you got things figured out.

All the best,
Joes946 Premium
Have not had a problem.
JKulk1 Premium
I would contact site support. Jim
BvVugt Premium
Yes. I've had that problem about a year ago. Images were visible as long as I was logged in, but as soon as I logged out, the images disappeared. Site Support had to step in to fix it.
TheCatherine Premium
Are they actually visible when you publish?
Ddg85 Premium
Even after I publish they would still not be visible.