How do i change the position of my top navigation menu to place it at the bottom of the main photo on each page of the website? (this is not a problem on mobile screens as it is just a drop down menu there)
On the home page how do I place the page title 'Support with your Spirituality and Growth' above the text below out of the photo? Also the same issue on the 'Contact me' page.
Also on the pages that are posts how do I remove the word 'Posts' from the lead photo?
How do I get the main photo to be the same size on all the pages (it is deeper, how I want it, on the home page and less deep on the post pages)?
In the site title and the site tagline how do I change the size of the font and its position?
How do I add an email link to my 'contact me' page (which when clicked allows someone to send me message'?

thanks so much

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Fleeky Premium
Never used your theme
And... to answer your questions:

1) Under appearance >menu , you should check down under, if your theme allows postioning (like footer menu, top menu , social menu). If not, it is not possible

2) in your media lbrary, make sure to,fill in, all the labels

Try this... it will answer some of your other questions as Well
Fleeky Premium
Lots of questions, related to webbuilding and design...

What theme are you using? Do you use a webbuilder plugin?

If you have a theme with integrated webbuilder like devi , you need to see their documentation....

Most simple, themes do not allow this kind of refinement, unless you are a php programmer, and edit your own
MikeRowe Premium
the theme is Lyrical
I have 4 plug ins - all in one SEO, Classic editor, cryout serious themes setting and kranken image optimizer
Fleeky Premium
You can try a webbuilder plugin...
MikeRowe Premium
How do I get one and is there a specific one that you would recommend?
Fleeky Premium
For now, i would use as is...