I have an xMag theme (just the normal, I haven't gotten pro yet) and I have a list of blogs which all says 'uncategorized' as in the image below. I've tried to explore on the dashboard and on customize but I can't seem to figure it out. If anyone has this theme or has an idea on how to solve this, I'd really appreciate the help! :)

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Fleeky Premium Plus
In your wordpres dashboard
Go to posts>categories.

There you can add or edit categories
BEst is to edit uncategorized to something new, like the main keyword of your website, since it is also in your wOrdpress website settings
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Thanks Fleeky!:)
kimwolfe Premium
Have you tried searching for training and blog posts on this subject? For example, I typed in “uncategorized” and received several results that may help you.
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Kim! Looked at the linked, looked at the video in the link, went back and explored a bit more in Wordpress, got exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! :)