Autoptomize suggests the use of the WP YouTube Lyte plugin. I have several YouTube videos in most of my posts and have slow mobile readings. Will this help and does it cause problems or have incompatibilities with other plugins? Is there some other commonly used plugin that does the same thing that someone is using?


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Triblu Premium
Hey Joe,

Seems some swear this helps while others prove it hasn't added much help at all.

Google searching "why add a plugin for youtube videos considered optimizing" provided one post from Chris Berkley with advice I preferred, while another site ( offered Azhar Neyeem's advice.

You may wish to run the same (or a similar) search and read through some of the advice offered in the posts you see in your search results.

Hope you find this helpful.
j52powell Premium
Thanks, Trish. I'll do that.
lesabre Premium
I have used autopotomize and have since deleted it. Perhaps waiting a bit for more comments would be a good idea.
j52powell Premium
Thanks, will do.
Encourager1 Premium Plus
I would like to know this as well. Thanks for asking.