I have been experiencing technical difficulties with my website lately. Some featured images are missing on the homepage (screenshot below).

Just when I am working to build organic traffic, I am at a halt because it is currently dysfunctional.

I reached out to Site Support as well as the theme provider (Dosislite). Site Support is saying that there's internal theme settings issues.

I reached the theme provider, but I am not sure if he/she knows how to resolve.

They replied back saying "your website seems to have fixed some code wrong. Currently the blog layout is broken."

Has anyone else had a similiar issue on their site and if so how can this be resolved as soon as possible?

Feedback would be most appreciated.


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JeffreyBrown Premium
I hope you get it sorted soon, Terese!

JohnAitken1 Premium
This sounds like a question to tech support. Please put in a request and if you can take a picture so they can see what is happening. They may ask for that.
THay0209 Premium
Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. Is tech support the same as site support? I did email site support and they told me to inform the theme provider. I emailed the theme provider. Just waiting to see if they'll be able to help out.

JohnAitken1 Premium
I like using the Wealthy Affiliate site support. Yes it is the same.