If you go to my site www.gethealthyover50.com - the first page people see is blank. how do i fix that? i have content everywhere else. cant figure out what page in wordpress that first one is. thx

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Josh From Oz Premium
As Alan said, the home page is set up as a blog roll by default. I'm assuming your article on foods for over 50 is a 'PAGE' and not a Post. So when you write a post compared to a 'page', the post snippet and featured image of the recent posts appear on the home page. For example here is Kyles website: He has the blog roll to show recent posts. http://waystoavoidscamsonline.com/

The other option is a static page which is a home page that remains the same for as long as you leave that page there. It isnt updated with snippets of recent posts.
Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Wendy you need to add some posts to your site and they will show up automatically in the space that says "Nothing Found"
Belden Premium
That's your blog roll. No posts yet. Write a post and it will appear there.