Can anyone explain to me ...

  1. Where do the HTML tags and attributes come from that appear below the leave a comment box?
  2. What is their purpose?
  3. Are they required?

Picture attached...

Many thanks


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Caraid Premium

They are there to advise those with a bit of knowledge how they can format a comment. They are not needed.

What you are seeing is standard in many Wordpress themes.

You can remove them if you want to by adding in a little bit of css code.

Details below if you wish to do this however I recommend that you backup your Wordpress site 1st.


1.Go to your Wordpress Dashboard
Select Appearance
Then Editor

2. On the right- hand side of the screen you will see
a list of file names under a Templates heading

Scroll down to nearly the bottom
and click on the file called "Stylesheet or Style.css"

You should now see the main Wordpress Stylesheet

"Yourtheme Name:Stylesheet (Style.css)"

Scroll down to the VERY BOTTOM of this file ( it's a long file)
AFTER the 2 Curley brackets



Add in an extra line at the VERY BOTTOM by pressing [RETURN}
then copy and paste the code below in after the blank line
The Point(Period) before the word form is VERY IMPORTANT


Click the "Update File" button at the bottom of this page.

This should prevent the HTML Tags from being displayed at the bottom of your comments box.

BrigitteB Premium
Hi Dave,
Many thanks for this great how to. I'll give it a try, once I've figured out the backing up lol. I'm using a child theme so I have nothing in the stylesheet as of yet.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I didn't see any notification to say I'd had any feedback!
karensplace Premium
Many of the templates have them. You need not worry about them, they serve no purpose really. What I do is I override it by using a comment plugin. It's called Disqus comment system and you can find it if you just go to your plugins and do a search for it. Good luck!
BrigitteB Premium
Hi Karen, thanks for the guidance will look into it.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I didn't see any notification to say I'd had any feedback!