I am using this plugin and am trying to get it setup. When I go to configure my ShareASale info, it wants me to upload a txt file.

1) How do I get such a file? Do I need a txt file for each merchant I'm affiliated with on ShareASale?

2) Is that necessary for the plugin to work appropriately for ShareASale? I do have my affiliate ID, as well as my Pro API code saved. I got the Pro version because I want the plugin to automatically generate and place affiliate links in my posts.

Any guidance is much appreciated.


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coxscastle Premium
I use share a sale. I haven't had any problems. I have links on my website for share a sale affiliates. I didn't need any extra plug in's.
MKearns Premium
It's nice to learn the link does the work!
Armlemt Premium
akollor123 has given you some excellent advice here. I defer to their answer.
Astro67 Premium
A good advise from akollor123, that will ease out bmatson burden, I am sure,
akollor123 Premium
Hello Betty:

Lets make life a bit simple... You don't really need this plugin; Try to use plugin that are essential as too many plugin can slow your website.
Basically use your Affiliate link given to you by ShareAsale by implementing the following: Regards,

BradB18 Premium
Hello, Sidney, I am from Sydney he he.

I like your gentle touch, let's make life a bit simple.