Can this wordpress site support storind digital files that can be made downloadable for visitors? If so, what file types does it support? I am looking to offer STL and other CAD styled design files.

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LatinNomad Premium
Some good advice below.
Dale123 Premium
Yes, but typically the best practice for sharing files is to leverage a purpose-built third-party file sharing service, such as Dropbox. There are plenty available, just run a search in Google.
YumaBloggers Premium
I offer them but unless it's a free giveaway I FTP them to a special folder and password-protect them. I don't like using site content for the uploads and have found many of the plugin handlers lack adequate security for paid download.
feigner Premium
i would zip them up - you can upload zips, pdf, doc, xls
i take it you are creating cad files for 3d printing
there i a plugin that can control hte file download or you just add them as links in your articles