I have three websites, but all focus on one of them. On that website, I use Thrive, which has a lot of pros and cons. One os the cons is a key thing, the speed. I need to be very active in using all tricks to maximize the speed.

One of the problems I have is when I am adding videos from Youtube in the posts. It is very heavy. At the same time, it can be crucial in my posts to have 3-5 videos in the same post.

Any trick you know about to solve it?

Please don't answer if you don't know it because if you do, my question moves down, so people that could know it possible don't see it.

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MarionBlack Premium
It's not the size of the videos that slow down your page's loading speed as they are on YouTube not on your site. What takes the time is the HTTP requests to YouTube to fetch the videos. The more HTTP requests the slower your page loads. But your slow speed will most likely be because of the size of the images you use.

This tool can help you determine what takes the time
Noteboom Premium
Thank you.
I regularly check images vs speed and that is not the problem. 25 kb max for the main image and after it around 15 and lower.
So I thought it was something about the videos.
But I check the tool, thank you!