I have installed the elementor pro and I want my image carousel to work as per the envato theme artist 'home 3' image carousel.

I want it to show the pictures on the left and the right of the main picture as they are sliding automatically across. At the moment, it just shows one picture in the middle and then rotates amongst those pictures, not a continuous roll of pictures.

Please help

Thanks so much

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Triblu Premium
Hey Marketa,

Contacting Envato will confirm what I am about to say and that is that using a page builder plugin like Elementor overrides all options provided to you by the theme.

However, if there IS a way around this, Envato support will be able to help you by providing you with that means.

Hope you find this helpful.
mgmalek Premium
Thanks again Trish,
I'll contact envato
Have a great day 😁